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Howdy, gents – Porn Simulator here, and today I'll be writing a lengthy review for a website called Free Adult Games. I've been hounding myself recently to add more titles to this category, and I've finally discovered a handful of top-tier destinations that I believe you're going to adore. I'm a gamer at heart, but I'm also a huge fan of porn – this combination should make me an excellent reviewer of titles in this genre! So let's get started, because I'm eager to log into Free Adult Games and write a full review. Continue reading if you're curious about what the world's biggest geek has to say about this location.


Excellent first impressions


Thus, you end up logging into a website called My User Vault after joining Free Adult Games – I'm amazed that you receive so much more than is advertised when you first join! Before I get into the games, I wanted to briefly mention that when you sign up, you receive an entire cache of 3D rendered porn featuring a variety of great themes such as lesbian sex, undead fucking, and vampire sexiness. The homepage demonstrates everything, and to be honest, the quality is absolutely fantastic. If you enjoy rendered sex scenes, you should definitely check them out – they feature some of the best 3D smut I've ever seen, and that's saying something!


Oh, and if you prefer realistic pornography, click on the 'Full-Movies' link at the top of the website to see that your membership includes access to over 1,000 pornographic DVDs, including classics such as Casting Couch Cuties, Modern MILFs, and Barely 18. As if that weren't enough, your account's 'Premiere Passport' includes a slew of porn from other sites, the most notable of which is uncensored Japanese hardcore fucking. There are so many wonderful things happening at Free Adult Games, and we haven't even seen our main course yet!


The pornographic gaming area is now open.


Now that I've left that link unclicked for an extended period of time, it's time for me to check out the pornographic games available here. After clicking the link, I'm taken to a homepage that highlights the site's most recent additions, which include Gotham Sluts, Call of Booty, and Grand Fuck Auto. Along the top, you'll find links to various themed game clusters, including toon games, battle babez, card games, hentai games, and hustletown. According to my experience, the Japanese adult gaming industry is always a cut above the rest, and thus this is where my adventure had to begin. I hope you enjoy adult anime, because this bitch is about to get hentai.


Fuck Town: College Life Part 3 was the first game I clicked on to try. This is primarily set in a Japanese school, but the entire language is in semi-accurate English. Your job is to circulate throughout the building and assist with odd tasks in order to advance a teen to a higher grade. You're hoping to fuck her, but a few roadblocks arise, forcing you to fuck your way around them. All of this is accomplished by simply clicking here, indicating that one-handed gameplay is very much supported. Make an effort not to attach too much importance to this one, as there are plenty more where that came from.


Additional excellent adult gaming titles


I also played Miami Holidays – this is a game in which you befriend a cute anime girl on Facebook and she convinces you to join her on a trip to Miami. From there, it's a clicking adventure through the city – it's very similar to dating sims you've probably played in the past, except you're going to get a massive pay-off if you approach the game correctly. Take care when making decisions, as you may end up making the incorrect one! This is a lengthy game, so I hope you're not planning on busting a nut too soon: it may take some time to reach the good stuff.


Hustletown is a brand-new and exclusive title to Free Adult Games – it's significantly more in-depth and developed than the other titles on the site, so plan to spend a few hours with it! It's actually quite challenging at times, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Load times are also slightly longer than average for a title; it took me about a minute to get started. I'm guessing that's because it's such a large game, and thus is consistent with my expectations. You play as a prison escapee with a boss named Riff Raff who assigns you various missions and tasks. Your initial objective is to amass an illegal street army, and the eroticism follows naturally from there. This one even has proper voice acting and production values: I was pleasantly surprised at how polished it felt!


A brief mention of the remainder


Now, I don't want to bore you with constant reminders of all the fun things to do at Free Adult Games, but I feel compelled to mention that you also have some erotic card games. We're talking Three Card Poker, Strip Blackjack, and so on – I'm actually surprised at how many mature video games this establishment offers; it must number in the hundreds. Consider the following titles: Fappy Birds, Mutant Organization, Cat Fight University, and Sexy Chicks Part 3 Hentai Edition. It's an endless supply of wild adult titles spanning a wide variety of niches – it doesn't get much better than that if you're serious about the pornographic video game world.


Based on my time spent inside the member's area for a few hours, I believe that the hentai games sub-section is the best place to visit. To be sure, there are enjoyable games in other niches, but if you enjoy those types of games, you're getting the best value in this location. I actually counted how many were available in 'hentai games' at the time of writing this review – there were 165 at the time of writing. That's correct, there are 165 games in the hentai category alone! A sizable number, and one that virtually ensures you'll never run out of new adult gaming films.


My final thoughts on Adult Games for Free


Signing up for this site entitles you to an insane deal on porno games, 3D sex videos, and hardcore DVDs. Whatever your preferred method of adult entertainment is, Free Adult Games has you covered. It's almost unbelievable how good this package deal is – something I believe the majority of my readers will appreciate. It's not often that I come across great pornographic games, but this site delivered in spades. With such a large selection of titles and well-rendered content, I feel like you'd be missing out on this place if you didn't give it a try at least once, so please – click the damn link and see just how solid the collection of erotic fun available here is.


Porn Simulator is confident that you will not be disappointed by the 1,000+ hardcore porn DVDs, multiple game categories, free bonus access to additional websites, and, of course, the massive library of playable pornographic video games that come standard with your account creation. You will have a difficult time finding a better alternative to this website: believe me, I have looked everywhere! Consequently, what are you waiting for?


Do yourself a favor and go get the good stuff right now – this place is heaven for true XXX game fans, and you will not be disappointed with what you find inside.

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